Our Vision

Health is a fundamental need.  Before career, love or passion, we all want to be free of distress and pain.

The last 30 years of medical development saw the development of ultrasound, CT and MRI in image-guided surgery.  We were part of the historical process called minimally invasive surgery. With added benefits came new challenges.  

All this data, every image, every note, has to be stored and made accessible for decades.

Computers and servers replaced paper copies and folders. Laptops and smart phones replaced the mainframe.

Much has changed. We have contributed to some of these changes and want to make sure that our products remain at the forefront of this exciting development.

Our Mission

At Onesys we build tools for healing people.  These tools come in the form of software and hardware, and certification of products.

With added data and functionality came new challenges.  At first, the digitization of patient files was all about simply replacing paper and film with computer displays. A host of functions were lost along the way, things that we are returning to the management of information.

Doctors are expected to recall more than ever before "Why did I make the decision not to operate? Which images out of the hundreds in the files were pertinent? On what date were those essential studies done, and what were the findings?"

Our mission is to return the doctor back where they belong, with their patients.


Our Approach

At Onesys, we identify needs in clinical work and tailor our solutions to fit neatly into the patient-doctor interaction.  Our experience working with clinicians in hospitals and clinics has instilled in us a novel approach, and as a result, some of the methods we have invented and implemented can already be found in every major hospital in the world.

At Onesys, piloting of solutions is not a step along the way, it is a beginning.  All of our solutions are the result of identified needs in existing systems, and they've proven themselves with an outstanding track record.

Would you like to know more?


Visualization & Documentation

Onesys Oy (Onesys Medical) was established in 1991 in the heyday of the transition from analog (paper and film) to digital information. Thus, the company has sought to develop relevant medical technology by harnessing the latest technological advancements for the betterment of patient-doctor interaction in a meaningful way while standardizing the concept of "pertinent information."

Our products range from never-before-seen devices and solutions for use in clinical navigation to general practice database integration.  

Under Products, we demonstrate the comprehensive Onesys Navigator (ON) and its mobile versions. Originally rising from the needs of neurosurgeons, the Onesys Navigator has been designed for use by all physicians, even in developing countries and emergency settings.

We also showcase our newest product, launched on January 11, 2017, at Finland's premiere medical expo in Helsinki: The Onesys Medical Card. It is is the result of our work in standardizing the concept of pertinent information in health care. We start by implementing it in Finland.