Onesys Oy or Onesys Medical is a limited liability company established in 1991 in Oulu, Finland, by neurosurgeon John Koivukangas, MD, PhD, and economist Pirjo Koivukangas, PhD.

Together with other leading groups in the world, we initially focused on moving operative neurosurgery from the classic era beginning in the late 1800’s to the modern one of minimally invasive methods.

At the same time, we saw the growing need for new inventions to handle information in the massive industrial scale digital health care information systems (EMR, PACS) being set up for the first time in history.

We began developing a new product family in 2003 for better integration of pertinent information among databases and device platforms across the various health service providers.  

We think in terms of clusters, and our projects exemplify our ability to collaborate with visionary friends we find in academia, health care itself and industry.

That is why Onesys Oy was never a typical get-rich-quick start-up firm or subcontractor. To bring products to market, we’ve worked with leading global companies like Bruel&Kjaer, Elekta, Google, Medtronic, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips among others.

We have always benchmarked ourselves based on one of our long-term collaborators, Medtronic Corporation, affecting our choice of investors and personal commitments. Not simply to make products but to deliver solutions to very real problems. Problems which are often overshadowed by their symptoms.

We believe that problems are best understood by those facing them, and that vitally these individuals tend to be the physicians and patients themselves. This is why we involve physicians at every step: From principle to concept, from R&D to commercialization and beyond.

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The name

"ONESYS" originally came from Oulu Neuronavigation System, the company having since moved on to an entirely new family of products. It is the original "Onesys" in the world.