A legend 26 years in the making...


Onesys Oy or Onesys Medical is a privately owned company established in 1991 in Oulu, Finland. Our vision led to the creation of tools for minimally invasive surgery and methods to handle the massive needs already apparent when industrial scale digital health care information systems (EMR, PACS) were being setup for the first time in history.

John (M.D., Ph.D, Professor of Neurosurgery) and Pirjo (Ph.D, Docent of Health Economics) Koivukangas identified the demand for better integration of pertinent information, not only among databases and device platforms but also the various sectors of the economy.  We think in terms of clusters, our projects exemplify this by showcasing our ability to harness the potential found in industry, health care and academia.

Onesys solutions are currently in use in every major hospital in the world.


The name

"ONESYS" originally came from Oulu Neuronavigation System, the company having since moved on to an entirely new family of products. It is the original "Onesys" in the world.