The product

Onesys Navigator is a truly unique solution to the challenges encountered when managing complex database systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), image archives (PACS) and other databases. Instead of adding an extra layer of complexity, our software acts as a non-web-based browser to access, view and select content that you use on a daily basis. It is licensed and interfaced to the EMR you use daily. It's software, not a cloud applet.

Minimum systems requirements:


100MB storage

An existing electronic Hospital Information System

Integrated Graphics card

For the hospital

The ON:

  • DOES NOT require investment into new equipment, as it runs off of what you already have

  • DOES NOT replace your EMR, it adds functionality to an existing one

  • DOES NOT require extensive staff training for use

  • DOES NOT care what EMR, PACS, other databases, or combinations thereof, you have. The ON has been built to work and cooperate with established systems

  • DOES save your doctors time with each patient

  • DOES allow you to create patient files and folders easily and these can be shared on a case-by-case basis with ease

  • DOES improve patient satisfaction

  • DOES serve as a helpful tool for planning operations and aids the doctor in the diagnostic process

  • IS NOT complex to install or maintain

  • DOES allow the sharing of patient information easily with 1 click, while guaranteeing absolute security (ask us how we do it.)

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For the Doctor

With the ON you can:

  • Using your EMR, with the click of the “Onesys Navigator” prompt button, you can create workspaces which document the pertinent information you have used at each patient encounter to arrive at your treatment decision, including 2D and 3D images and graphic representation

  • Work on a patient case anywhere you are and with any device

  • Share this information with the patient easily and without hassle

  • Save time - surfing the EMR for information or the PACS for images related to your patient work-up is no longer necessary. Once you've created a file you don't need to go through previous images as you'll always have the ones you selected available

  • Improve the quality of your work by assuring that you have ready access to the pertinent information upon which you have based your treatment decisions

The ON is a pioneering Third Generation health care informatics solution that is truly cross-platform; it accomodates all major operating systems and mobile devices, offering unrivaled capacity at minimal complexity.

It should: The ON was specified by a leading neurosurgeon to help with his own complex patient work-up and then improved and adapted to all specialties while being piloted in several hospitals in Scandinavia and the United States.

Your EMR vendor will tell you, “We do not have this functionality.” They don’t. You decide whether you need it.

For the patient

Onesys Navigator allows the doctor to give you more information about your condition and the procedure(s) and other treatment required.  With the ability to select and share information, your physician is able to construct for you your own medical information into a readable, shareable format that you can keep.  This means that your information is always retrievable at a click of a prompt button.

No more hassle with printouts or a need to sort through lots of nonessential information, while trying to make sense of it all.